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Myriapod® NGS Cancer panel DNA

Myriapod® NGS Cancer panel DNA is a revolutionary Next Generation Sequencing CE-IVD panel for the detection of genomic variants (SNP; In/Del) in 16 target genes, clinically relevant in the most common cancer types: colon, lung, melanoma, central nervous system, GIST and thyroid cancer.

NGS analysis has never been so fast and easy

Thanks to the innovative “dry” and ready-to-use reagent format, Myriapod® NGS Cancer panel DNA kit guarantees an extremely simple and fast workflow by reducing dramatically the number of pipetting steps and hands-on time.

  • Dry, ready-to-use, in pre-aliquoted strip reagent format.
  • Hands-on time < 2 hours.
  • From sample-to-sequencing in 8 hours.
  • CE-IVD protocol, from sample-to-result.
  • Data processing with Myriapod® NGS Data Analysis Software, fully automatic, local and without the need to send out data using the cloud or other “online” solutions.

All the necessary information with maximum flexibility

The highest level of information in a single test

Testing 16 target genes involved in different cancer types in a single run dramatically reduces turn-around time, resulting in a shorter time to get patient results. All the molecular targets included in the panel are in line with internationally approved recommendations for the most commonly used target therapies for colon, melanoma, lung, CNS, GIST and thyroid cancers.

Feel the real flexibility: from 2 to 46 samples/run

Myriapod® NGS Cancer panel DNA is validated for in vitro diagnostic use on Illumina® platforms: MiseqTM, MiniSeqTM and iSeq100TM. The high flexibility makes Myriapod® NGS Cancer panel DNA suitable for large, medium and small routines, ensuring reporting times in line with clinical needs.

Myriapod® NGS data Analysis: the CE-IVD solution for local NGS data analysis

Myriapod® NGS Data Analysis is a complete, in vitro diagnostic and easy-to-use bioinformatics solution, which come with the Myriapod® NGS Data Analysis Software and its own dedicated workstation. Myriapod NGS solution provides simplicity in the analysis for fast and easy reporting. Further, the data management system offers the highest level of security with a completely localized data analysis, so sensitive data is not sent over the network or to a cloud system. Myriapod NGS Data Analysis solution complies with all the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Principle of the method: Myriapod® NGS BRCA1-2 panel CE IVD kit allows the detection of the variants of BRCA1-2 and PALB2 implicated in breast and ovary cancer.
Starting material: genomic DNA extracted from blood, fresh, frozen or formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue.
Intended use: CE IVD workflow from DNA to data analysis of BRCA1-2 and PALB2 whose alterations have been implicated in breast and ovary cancer.

Every described variant is displayed and compared with:

  • clinical databases (e.g. Clin-Var);
  • variant frequency in the population databases (e.g. 1000 Genomes);
  • predictive algorithms of the mutation effect on the encoded transcription or protein.

The CNV (Copy Variation Number) analysis is displayed for each gene (BRCA1, BRCA2 e PALB2); each analyzed exon is viewed as the variation from the gene normal copy number. “O” value means a normal number of copies, “1” means a duplication and “-1” means a deletion. “High” and “Low confident” identify the confidence in the result.

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