La Diatech Pharmacogenetics partecipa al Workshop Golden Helix il 6 Dicembre ad Aviano

The Golden Helix Institute of Biomedical Research is a non-profit scientific organization in the fascinating field of genome medicine.

The Institute organizes high profile scientific symposia in the field of personalised medicine, namely the GoldenHelix Symposia® but also other educational activities which are scientific conferences in concert with other scientific societies to achieve knowledge transfer to society.

The Golden Helix Institute is also involved in scientific collaborative projects in the field of translational research. In particular, the Golden Helix Institute is the European Regional Center of the Pharmacogenomics for Every Nation Initiative, in an effort to integrate pharmacogenomics in developing countries. The Golden Helix Institute is also actively involved to develop the Golden Helix Server, where a number of National/Ethnic Genetic databases are hosted.

Finally, other activities include the provision of the Golden Helix fellowships to under-graduate and post-graduate students to participate in the GoldenHelix® Symposia, to publish special issues from educational activities, and to inform the general public on issues pertaining to Genetics and Society.

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