The KRAS G12C mutation occurs in 14% of lung adenocarcinomas, 3-4% of colorectal cancers and 1-2% of other solid tumours. The mutation is associated with a poor prognosis and lack of response to standard anticancer treatments.

Currently, at least six different drugs targeting KRAS G12C are in clinical trials. Those in a more advanced phase, AMG 510 (sotorasib) and MRTX849 (adagrasib), already show good tolerability, better tumour responses compared with the current standard treatment and long term clinical benefit in different solid tumours harbouring the KRAS G12C mutation.

  • EasyPGX® ready KRAS is a Real Time PCR-based CE-IVD test for the mutational analysis of the KRAS gene.
  • EasyPGX® ready KRAS detects mutations of KRAS codons 12, 13, 59, 61, 117 and 146. The kit identifies the G12C variant, which is useful to select patients eligible for KRAS G12C inhibitor therapies.
  • EasyPGX® ready KRAS can be used with DNA isolated from fresh, frozen or FFPE tissue or from plasma.
  • EasyPGX® ready KRAS allows to detect the G12C mutation down to 1% of mutant allele with 100% specificity.
  • EasyPGX® ready KRAS turnaround time, from sample to result, is less than 3 hours with a hands-on time of 10 minutes.

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