Myriapod NGS provides simplicity in the analysis and security in the data management, inside the laboratory, without using any cloud solution.

Diatech offers a complete and easy to use bioinformatic solution, a software in a dedicated workstation, CE IVD validated. The software allows the analysis of sequences and the call for SNVs, indels and CNVs, without sending data over the network or using a cloud system.

Why should Myriapod NGS system be used?

Outsourcing of data and sample analysis do not eliminate the legal responsibility of the laboratory in the processing of personal data, even if protected by complex contracts subscribed with the service provider and even if the last one is certified according to a standard for “Information Security Management” (eg. ISO 27001).

Allows direct control of the protection of sensitive personal data:
– Data do not leave the laboratory;
– Access only allowed to authorised operators;
– First-hand verification of correct process management;
– Direct control that data are not used improperly and even in a possible way punishable by law.

It does not require any additional complicated procedure necessary to prevent security breaches during and after the external transfer of data (e.g. data loss/ alteration, unofficial disclosure or access, use outside the intended purposes).

Choose the security of CE IVD validated kits and the reliability of the Myriapod NGS data analysis system for your laboratory!


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