Integrated system allowing to personalize the prescription of each anti-cancer drug cocktail


  • 21.11.2016
    Leonid EU opportunities Italian success - A revolutionary diagnostic device for lung cancer
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  • 19.05.2016
    Diatech and Inno-Train Diagnostik partecipate at the DGPhato congress
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  • 26.04.2016
    Diatech will be at States General Of Health Research
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  • 23.04.2016
    Diatech will be at the Workshop and School on Cancer Development and Complexity
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  • 27.10.2015
    Agena Bioscience and Diatech Pharmacogenetics Announce Plan to Launch Actionable, Targeted CE-IVD Marked Oncology Assays for Colon, Lung, and Melanoma Treatment
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