Simple, fast, affordable: join the NGS revolution with Myriapod NGS Dry.

Myriapod NGS Dry is the Diatech Pharmacogenetics CE-IVD product line entirely dedicated to next generation sequencing on Illumina sequencing platforms for molecular oncology

  • Ready to use: dry, ready-to-use, in pre-aliquoted strip reagent format.
  • Simple: the easiest and fastest workflow on the market for NGS libraries preparation, with a hands-on time < 2 hours and a turnaround time, from sample to sequencing, of 8 hours.
  • Flexible: optimized on Illumina® Miseq™, MiniSeq™ and iSeq 100™ with the flexibility to test from 2 to 46 samples/run.
  • Complete: Myriapod NGS Cancer panels DNA & RNA include all actionable biomarkers clinically relevant for the most common cancers as colon, melanoma, lung, GIST, Cental nervous system.
  • Low amount and quality of input: validated to work from 10 ng/reactions of DNA and RNA extracted from FFPE or cfDNA.
  • Certified: fully CE-IVD protocol, from sample to result with data processing through Myriapod® NGS Data Analysis Software, fully automatic, bioinformatic analysis local system without any needs to send out data or use cloud based solutions.

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