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Myriapod® permits with only one DNA test to identify all SNPs which could give an adverse response to the drugs normally used for a specific neoplastic pathology treatment.
As a consequence, thanks to the technic and fondamental clinical experience, oncologist could better select appropriate and less toxic chemo and radiation treatment for each single patient.

Myriapod® is able to analyse tens of mutations in a single session.
It permits to pass from patient’s DNA to the personalized therapy choice in less than one day.

  • System CE IVD labeled
  • More than 250 targets in at least 80 genes in parallel
  • Analysis can be performed from a large range of starting materials: blood samples, fresh, frozen and even FFTP tissues, cellular lines.
  • Accuracy higher than 99,7%
  • High sensibility: possibility to identify alleles mutated at a less than 10% frequency
  • Heighten reproducibility and reliability

The Myriapod kits are available only for the Italian market. For more informations please contact us. 


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